ZIN’s Rhythm Squad Birthday Festival at Shinsaibashi FANJ

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by chi.yow, posted October 25, 2014

In a two month set of event lives to celebrate four birthdays between July and September, ZIN’s second one on September 6 took place at Shinsaibashi FANJ in honor of the rhythm squad, bassist Orochi and drummer Saku. Featuring a guest line up of RevleZ, Crimson Shiva, BASH!, Cardia, and SAVAGE, Shuuen Shoshuu no Jin was certainly a memorable event throughout the night, but most especially when the sponsoring band took to the stage.

The band worked the small venue to their advantage, at times creating landscapes of sensu (Japanese hand-held folding fans) that moved in time to koto rhythms and at vocalist Riku’s direction as well as transforming the floor into a sea of flying hair for the more furious numbers. Also, what’s a birthday party without cake? Especially one that the birthday boys can share, although Orochi evidently thought it opportune to show the audience just how he got his toned arms before the presentation. The band then collectively called forth Saku from behind his drumset to show his strength as well.

The live ended on a violent note as the night closed with the customary “Nise Moratorium,” each member doing their best to bring everyone forward onto the front rail. Usually this involved coming forward to literally pull fans forward once they were in reach, however, Orochi opted for disappearing momentarily to join the crowd during a round. Their efforts were rewarded accordingly, if a bit enthusiastically, with surprising energy given the length of the live.

With an upcoming single Hiai due out on November 26 as well as various scheduled lives, ZIN show no signs of stopping their activities, only building momentum as they continue forward. Among the planned lives will be two one-mans to celebrate the band’s 2 year anniversary. The first will take place at Shibuya RUIDO K2 on November 29, followed by Ash OSAKA’s live on December 6.

Set List

  1. Shien
  2. Etsuraku Risky
  3. Renai Dystrophy
  4. Jiga Jison
  5. Sakura no koi


  1. Nise Moratorium

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