Alice Nine Releases Graced the Beautiful Day DVD


by Fetesha Downs, posted August 9, 2009

alice nine. at V-Rock Festival 2009 (Photo courtesy of Backstage Project Inc.)

alice nine. at V-Rock Festival 2009 (Photo courtesy of Backstage Project Inc.)

Most j-rock fans are familiar with PS Company artists, even if they don’t realize which bands belong to the label. One of my superhero weaknesses is alice nine. I could go on and on about each band member, but I’ll hold off on the fangirling for the time being.

Once or twice a month, PS Company is kind enough to provide fans English updates on all the releases and upcoming shows from their artists through MySpace blogs. Like most other fans, I’m always trying to keep my must-purchase-no-matter-what-even-if-it’s-“eventually” radar on alert. So when I saw “Alice Nine” and “DVD” I honestly didn’t have the strength to look away.

On November 11, the live DVD “UNTITLED VANDAL(ism)#Finale 「Graced The Beautiful Day」” is being released in two versions: a limited edition bundle and standard bundle. The limited edition package goes for $99 and includes 25 songs on three DVDs (plus three live songs), a 56-page booklet, and a “special package.” The standard bundle goes for $53 and includes 22 songs on two DVDs.

No matter which version you choose, you can looked forward to hits such as “RAINBOWS”, “Cradle to [Alpha]”, and “Blue Planet”. Not familiar with the band at all? This might be a great way to get exposed to their music.

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