Concept-Band Karasu Releases Lastica PV


by Fetesha Downs, posted January 1, 2009


Karasu (MySpace)

Danger Crue Records has just released Karasu’s PV for the single Lastica. If you haven’t already been introduced to the band members, don’t worry—you’re probably already familiar with them.  Much like concept-band S.K.I.N., Karasu is made up of j-rock heavy-hitters: MUCC’s Tatsuro on vocals, Alice Nine’s Hiroto and Sadie’s Mizuki on guitar, Jealkb’s Dunch on bass, and Ayabie’s Kenzo on drums.

The single costs $21 and comes out January 27, 2010. The CD+DVD combo includes the title track, the PV, a live performance of the single at Jack in the Box 2009 Summer, and the making of the Lastica PV. You can learn more about the band at their MySpace page.

Fetesha Downs holds a B.A. in Public & Professional Communication from Marian University of Wisconsin. She has a passion for a variety of world music genres. Her other interests include designing clothing/accessories; running an American street team for Swedish rock band, SAI; reading; and meeting new people. She plans to move to Europe in a few more years and wants to continue visiting new countries.

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