New Years with Gackt Visualive Tour DVD Release and RE:BORN


by Fetesha Downs, posted September 6, 2009

gackt-visualive-dvdGackt has much in store for fans between now and the 2010. On November 7, fans can purchase the 2010 calendar, which retails for $26. On December 2, look for the Live DVD GACKT Visualive Tour 2008-2009 Requiem et Reminiscence II Saisei to Kaiko ($73) and RE:BORN ($39). The live DVD is a 3-DVD set featuring footage from the July 12 performance at the Saitama Super Arena, while the drama CD RE:BORN includes guest performers such as Nana Mizuki and Jun Fukuyama.

Want to start the new year with MORE Gackt? The Stay Alive the Decade single will be released in three formats: a standard CD ($13), CD+DVD ($20), and a limited-edition CD+DVD bundle that includes an additional DVD ($30).

PS: Gackt, who has been unable to shake the 400-some-odd vampire claim accidentally made earlier in his career, has finally “come out” with his actual age: 36 years old. He was born on July 4, 1973. The announcement comes along with the revalation that Gackt will be taking on his first stage role as Nemuri Kyoshiro. At a press conference on November 5, he said “I said in jest at a concert a long time ago that I was born in 1540, and that ended up getting publicized a whole lot as part of my profile, and I missed the chance to correct it. I didn’t mean to keep it hidden.” Keen-eyed Gackt fans aren’t taken by surprise by this announcement: The intro video to the Sixth Day and Seventh Night concert showed Gackt’s “headstone,” which had 1973 as his year of birth engraved on it.

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