by Fetesha Downs, posted October 2, 2009

Glay (from Official MySpace)

GLAY (from Official MySpace)

Earlier last week, GLAY announced the DVD release of their 15th Anniversary Special Concert, which took place back in August. The DVD bundle is titled “GLAY 15th Anniversary Special Live 2009 THE GREAT VACATION in NISSAN STADIUM,” and will be released January 27, 2010 in two editions: limited and standard. The standard version includes the 21-song performance from the Live and costs $56. The limited edition package retails for $110 includes DVDs of both performances (with a different set list for each day). For any GLAY fan who’s been following the band for the past fifteen years, this is memorabilia you can’t miss.

For fans who can’t get their hands on this release in-store, CDJapan and HMV have it available for pre-order online.

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