Preview girugamesh’s New Album, NOW, for Free!


by Fetesha Downs, posted July 12, 2009

girugamesh-thumbIn a recent press release, Tainted Reality announced a great opportunity for j-rock fans across the world: On December 17, girugamesh’s latest album, NOW will be played-every song-from start to finish on Tainted Reality’s website. They will also feature an interview with the band, a chance for fans to win two copies of the new album, and an unknown “special surprise.” This is a rare opportunity to preview a CD before you purchase it online.

So if this piques your interest, visit on December 17, 2009 at 8 p.m. Eastern/5 p.m. Pacific. The promo is sponsored by

Fetesha Downs holds a B.A. in Public & Professional Communication from Marian University of Wisconsin. She has a passion for a variety of world music genres. Her other interests include designing clothing/accessories; running an American street team for Swedish rock band, SAI; reading; and meeting new people. She plans to move to Europe in a few more years and wants to continue visiting new countries.

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  1. sakurahiki

    Soooo cool!!! I’m soo going to go there xD…*cross fingers* Hope to win the album xD