Silver Ash’s Rebirth: Giveaway Winners!


by Sarah Jones, posted May 2, 2013

ROKKYUU teamed up with Silver Ash to offer two signed copies of Pretty But Evil and asked you readers to let us know what you thought of Ling’s comments in our interview.

Well you responded in your droves and we had a tough time choosing from the answers. After much deliberation however, we have decided that the two winners of Pretty But Evil are Mizuku and Thorn_of_Seraphim. We felt both answers showed real consideration for Ling’s comments and were well thought out responses :


I like the fact that they want to change and are not afraid to do so. I absolutely agree with Ling that musicians shouldn’t ‘stay in the same location – for me, ‘to change’ means the same as ‘to develop’ or ‘to evolve’. Actually, Silver Ash has already experienced some changes in sound (we can compare their first album with later works such as ‘Never End’ or the song ‘海的女儿’(I think it was ‘hai de nu’er’).
It’s clear that they will always have a great advantage over typical visual kei bands – the fact that they are Chinese and independent not only makes them unique and special, but also allows them to experiment more than the Japanese groups.
Combining rock with electronic music may be quite popular now but I think they will merge these elements in their own, inimitable way. I also believe in Ling’s words that Silver Ash will never lose its spirit. In my opinion, changes show that the band really cares about their fans and wants to develop a new quality of sound just for them. Hopefully they will attract more and more people with their music!


I once read that “when trapped, water makes a new path.” If Silver Ash were instead the rock trapping the water (in this case their own dreams, goals, creativity, etc.), then they’d be the victims of their own limitations, but like Ling said, you can’t limit yourself.
Change is nature. You can either attempt to deny it or embrace it. Silver Ash chose the correct path and adapted into who they are today. That is no ordinary quality in a band and should be respected by fans and non-fans alike.

Congratulations to Mizuku and Thorn_of_Seraphim, we shall be contacting you very shortly about the prizes.

Now, as we said, it was a difficult choice and so we also want to leave you with some notable mentions and thank everyone who participated for your well-thought out answers:


I like the change in their music and I agree with Ling that there should be no boundaries between genres. That’s the reason why I like visual rock so much, because the music is so mixed and always open for changes and surprise. A band shouldn’t be bound to the style they started with, life is always about experimenting and change and I’m looking forward to Silver Ash’s future music.

Stephanie M

Like Ling said in the interview, change isn’t a bad thing. Musicians should always be growing and letting their experiences shape and change how they see the world, and let it show in the music they create. If no one ever changed, then we would never be given the chance to find new music to listen and love, everything would look and sound the same, and there would be nothing new to catch your interest. Silver Ash’s new sound reflects a lot about how much they’ve overcome over the years, and I hope they continue to create for us for many more years.

Tian Yu

Change is an ongoing process of any living creature, or their creation. Without change, things would become obsolete, or boring. In this sense, Silver Ash is a living creation, where it evolves as the band members and the world changes. I don’t view this as a restart, or new style, but rather, something they have evolved/changed into to suit their own desires of expression, which is what art and music really boils down to. While the music itself may sound very different from their past works, I feel that the soul of it – the message and expression – is still very much Silver Ash.


Our apologies for the late publishing of this article, this was due to technical errors which have now been resolved.

Sarah began her journey into the world of Japanese music courtesy of L'Arc-en-Ciel back in the year 2000. Since then, she has combined a love of music and music journalism into writing for European Japanese music magazines and assisting with Japanese interest events in the UK. After graduating in Law from the University of Nottingham, she put 'the law-thing' on the backburner to dive into the live scene in Tokyo for 3 years. Sarah returned to the UK in September 2010 to do that 'law-thing' and now works for a Japanese bank in London. Her heart is always in the music and fashion in Tokyo and her life is balanced between her time in the UK and Japan. When she has time, she also blogs at

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  1. mizuku

    I’m very happy to be one of the winners, thank you! At the same time, I’m confused, because I haven’t received any information from you so far. I’m not sure if you have sent me anything or if it was an email, but it’s possible that it might have been marked as ”spam” and I deleted it unintentionally. I would like to know what should I do in this situation…

    • ROKKYUU Magazine

      Hi Mizuku – we’ll be getting in touch with you very soon, hang tight to hear from our editors!

      • mizuku

        Everything is ok now, I’ve just answered your email. Thank you for understanding and sorry for any inconvenience!

        Congratulations to Thorn_of_Seraphim as well!

  2. Thorn_of_Seraphim

    I somehow missed this post (it’s been a very rough week at work), but my friend sent me the link to this page and made my day! Thank you so much Silver Ash and Staff! I can’t even begin to express my gratitude. I look forward to hearing back from you guys (no pressure of course, we’re all busy people).
    Again, thank you!!!