B.P.J Alliance We Are the One Vol.1 in Shibuya O-West


by Kate Havas, Leela McMullen, posted July 14, 2011

Five bands gathered at Shibuya O-West on June 25 for the charity project Blue Planet Japan. The founders, DaizyStripper, FEST VAINQUEUR and A(Ace) were joined by like-minded artists, Dolly and heidi. for a concert to promote the project. The final act introduced the song “Hitotsu dake We Are the One” written by DaizyStripper’s Kazamiwith lyrics by Yu-Giri, and additional composition for the violin by A(Ace)’s Rookie Fiddler. Many other artists joined the night’s performers for a debt live session of “Hitotsu dake We Are the One,” simultaneously filming the song’s music video.

While many more musicians were involved in recording, the live cast appeared as follows:

A(Ace), DaizyStripper, Dolly, FEST VAINQUEUR, heidi., TERU(Versailles), HIZAKI(Versailles), Emiru (Aicle.), Kurosaki Mahiro(Kiryu), Temari (amber gris), Suzuya(ex Hime Ichigo, lips,) HIRO (ex.Wizard.)

Read all about the event in ROKKYUU‘s live report and exclusive interviews below:

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