DIAURA 10th single “blind message”


by Chika Yoshizawa, posted September 17, 2014

DIAURA’s commemorative 10th single blind message is a powerful song which has a serious and dark message encompassing life and death. The melody is very typical of DIAURA whereas the musical arrangement is very different from what fans may have come to expect from them. With this release—complete with new, militaristic costumes—DIAURA have shown a new aspect of themselves.

Rare for a CD, the song starts with a count-in by cymbals, perhaps to bring the feel of a live show to the track. The speedy drumming and guitar of the intro grab listeners right away but when the melody starts, cracking bass stands out with its irregular rhythm. Oozing with mystery, the quick guitar line takes on a harmony that stands out. As for vocal-work, shouts in the background convey a sense of momentum but yo-ka’s agonized vocals steal the show. The song ends with yo-ka’s strong delivery, directly asking questions about life and death.

Though blind message features only the one track, it brings out another side of DIAURA. This hint at diversity certainly makes it worth looking forward to future releases from such a rapidly growing band.


  1. blind message


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