Get Ready for Girugamesh’s Last Stand with Zecchou BANG!!


by Sarah-Marie Frerichmann, posted July 28, 2012

The new single Zecchou BANG!! Girugamesh follows up the sound from their most recent album releases with some new surprises. In this release, Girugamesh reveal their high ambitions with a mixture of cheerleader slogans, rhythmic guitar, and Satoshi’s evocative voice. While their last album sounded like an anime soundtrack, this song is reminiscent of a rebellious youth that tries to reach the top of the world:

“Be crazy breaking the world / be crazy Minna all right?

Zecchou BANG!!” invites you to dance with the whining of Nii’s guitar and animated cheerleader shouts, followed by the massive bass of ShuU and Яyo’s stabbing drums. Satoshi’s energetic vocals are noticeably less enhanced by electronic effects on this album than in previous releases. As a result, listeners are able to hear more of his vocal range, from the melody to his overly cocky self-expression. Similarly, the guitar, bass, and backing vocals remain deep and strong throughout the whole song. The guitar solo and substantial bass give a noticeable rockish feeling instead of the band’s now ubiquitous electronic sound, a departure from Girugamesh’s more recent releases, although the slightly staid structure from most of their songs has hardly changed in this one as well.

Ultimately, while the sound of the cheerleaders is fresh and supports the message of adolescence, the hard guitars and severe bass together with Satoshi’s dynamic vocals make you want to dance.

The single has two versions produced by TAKUYA (ex JUDY AND MARY). Type A offers the most material, with a bonus disc containing 10 live-recorded songs of their Tokyo Sadistic 13 Days Tour. The feature track comes on both A and B types along with a karaoke version of the song. Both are only available until December 31, 2012, so get your order in quick! Incidentally, the music video version of the song is cut down from over four minutes to two minutes and forty-five seconds.

As you can see below, the covers show the band standing in a field wearing traditional Japanese samurai garb, the black and white treatment like something out of an old samurai movie. The photo bears the impression of “the last men standing”–young warriors ready to test their limits. Stay tuned to hear if they will succeed in doing so with their next release on September 26, 2012.

TYPE A (2 track CD + bonus disc with live recordings)

TYPE B (2 track CD)


  1. Zecchou BANG!!
  2. Zecchou BANG!! (utau no wa anata ver.)

Sarah-Marie discovered her interest for Japan when she was a child when her father told her about samurai, the zen philosophy, and Wabi-Sabi. When the manga and Pokémon hype started in Germany, she became even more interested, but it was until 2006 that the band DIR EN GREY caught her attention and Japanese music became the best thing she ever listened to. In 2008 she travelled to Japan and lived in Tokyo, where she attended several visual kei acts. Back in Germany, she started to study music management in Hamburg with the intention to work especially with Japanese bands in her future. Today, she finished her study and started a gap year in Philosophy and History at university Bremen.

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