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by chi.yow, posted November 12, 2013

Talk Show|Movie Review

Talk show

Preceding the movie screening was a short talk portion hosted by Ken Ayugai with special guests Suzuki Ami, Nanbu Torata and Danna Koyanagi from the comedian group Tokyo Shock Boys, as well as DIE and Kiyoshi from hide with Spread Beaver.  First to appear was Ami Suzuki, who commented that she had always been a big fan of X JAPAN and hide but as a female artist and because of the social expectations of the music industry at the time, she was unable to make this known until recently. Next, Nanbu Torata and Danna Koyanagi of Tokyo Shock Boys made their introductions quite memorable as Danna proceeded to gobble down dry ice in order to breathe smoke like a dragon and Nanbu impressively adhered a can of beer to his shiny bald forehead to pour himself a drink for a toast to hide. The last guests were easily the most recognized by the crowd; Kiyoshi and DIE —guitarist and keyboardist, respectively—of hide with Spread Beaver were presented by Ken as members of the ‘hide family.’

When asked to give her thoughts as to what hide meant to her, Suzuki Ami commented that having debuted in the entertainment industry in junior high, there were some difficult times for her but hide’s songs and visuals were very inspiring and helped to keep her energetic image. She expressed that if hide were present that day, she would have wanted to give him the message that she really loves his works and still listens to them today, and thank him for “everything.”

Danna mentioned that he had been able to visit the original hide MUSEUM when it was located in Yokosuka and that it had been a really cool experience to see it all. It meant a lot to him as hide had once attended one of Tokyo Shock Boys’ shows and praised their work. As to his thoughts as a fellow performer, Danna stated that “His aura was not the same as others. His fighting spirit was definitely different.”

“It has been 17 years, hasn’t it?” DIE commented nostalgically. 17 years ago was the 3rd anniversary of hide’s solo debut. “Even back then, hide really was a rock star,” DIE asserted, and added that while it was surprising, it was also a little embarrassing looking back on his and hide’s 31-year-old selves. “31 years old was rather young then, huh?” added Ken. As for his thoughts about the Indian Summer event, DIE relayed that hide simply didn’t want it to be boring, which led to including the uncommon pre-show events like the fashion show, skateboard ramps, and many other attractions, all with the intention that the attendees should have fun—thus making all the boring and mundane things like utility costs well worth it. “Forget about my fracture,” DIE added ominously.

Kiyoshi reminisced about how he had joined the hide with Spread Beaver project before their Psyence tour and how—in Los Angeles—hide had requested Kiyoshi to show him examples of his music work. A sequence of events that eventually led up to the amazing show that was about to be shown in full in the theater. “Please enjoy it,” he implored.

Following the talk came the announcements of additional hide TRIBUTE SPIRITS albums as a double release on December 18. The sixth installment of the tribute albums will be titled hide TRIBUTE VI –Female SPIRITS-, featuring a variety of female artists like Aoyama Teruma, Koda Kumi, and Wakeshima Kanon. The crowd was audibly more excited for the next cover album, however, hide TRIBUTE VII –Rock SPIRITS-, as this one features many artists close to the heart of the hide and early visual kei realms such as CUTT, GLAY, J, and D’ERLANGER. Cheers began on a high but grew increasingly louder as each artist was announced. Check out the details of the releases below.

Meanwhile, the first announcement of his Birthday Party 2013 was announced for December 8 at CLUB CITTA in Kawasaki, and since, the lineup has been announced and continues to grow. 2013 will feature a hide Birthday Party/CLUB PSYENCE mash-up, intermixing live performances with the club-like nature of the DJ event. So far, opening act Karumera, CUTT electrick, defspiral, heidi., and ZEPPET STORE Acoustic Style have been announced for the live-section with DJ-INA andDJ-DIENOJI and DJ-Asai Hiroaki heading up the CLUB PSYENCE joined so far by live guests DIE, Kiyoshi, michiaki, PATA, and kyo & Tetsu from D’RLANGER.


  • Aoyama Teruma – TELL ME
  • Koda Kumi – Pink Spider
  • Koyanagi Yuki – ever free
  • Shion  – HURRY GO ROUND
  • chay – FLAME
  • mini – In Motion
  • Wakeshima Kanon – Beauty & Stupid


  • Kishidan – ROCKET DIVE
  • Kinniku Shoujo Tai – DICE
  • GLAY – MISERY (remixed by INA)
  • J – FLAME
  • D’ERLANGER – Genkai Haretsu
  • Mori Yukinojo with Imai Hisashi (BUCK-TICK) – EYES LOVE YOU

and more…

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