Indie Introductory Series: FEST VAINQUEUR


by Kate Havas, Leela McMullen, posted July 14, 2011

ROKKYUU Magazine presents: FEST VAINQUEUR. The Indie Series project is all about introducing the best and brightest newcomers to the visual kei scene. Well, neither the members nor the line-up of FEST VAINQUEUR are “new” per se, but while the after-image of SINCREA remains, the four members have created a fresh new sound and concept that captured ROKKYUU‘s attention.

Based in Osaka, the band travelled to Tokyo for the charity event B.P.J. Alliance We Are the One Vol.1 in Shibuya O-West where we snagged an interview before catching the show. Check out the interview and live report below, along with their latest single review, our Editor’s Pick feature and the band’s history in a neat biography.

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