NINJAMAN JAPAN “Fly Away” With A Catchy New Single


by Kellie Lacey, posted September 15, 2012

NINJAMAN JAPAN released their latest single, titled Fly Away, on August 29, a perfect slice of guitar-fueled fun.

The title track is characterized by the excellent guitar harmonies that drive the song along. Although NINJAMAN JAPAN are officially a still four piece band, support member Daishi appears in the song’s music video and it’s his performance alongside regular guitarist Lida that make for the really stand-out aspects of the track. The drums and bass line pound rapidly alongside the guitars and the sound is more old school European metal than standard visual rock. Singer Sarino has a strong but typical J-rock voice that carries the catchy chorus line well.

The second track, “Romance Tome,” continues in the same vein as “Fly Away.” Again, it’s the combined work of Lida and Sarino that steal the show while bassist Metal supports the guitar melodies confidently. The song is full of different melodies–from the soaring vocal line to the constant guitar riffs–and it all comes together to make a strong follow up to “Fly Away”. Meanwhile, “Shinobi Soldier” is the third and final track on the single and comes off as more of a standard J-rock sound than the preceding songs. The guitars are punchier and bouncier and the tone lighter and it’s a competent closer to a strong single.

With in-store events and oneman shows schedule over the next couple of months, NINJAMAN JAPAN are working hard to reach their fans and build up a following. The release of a single as strong as Fly Away can only help their cause along with their brand new ninja get-up and entertaining music video.

3Track CD

Track list

  1. Fly Away
  2. Romance Tome
  3. Shinobi Soldier

Kellie Lacey was born into a family that loves, plays, and staged live music and is proudly carrying on the tradition. While studying psychology in the heart of England and attending the lives of every obscure metal band that came her way, Kellie was given a DIR EN GREY CD and has not looked back since. A short vacation to Tokyo in 2009 and tickets to see a couple of lives while there convinced Kellie to abandon the steady government job she had and move to Japan for some excitement and an rapidly emptying bank account.

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