Schwarz Stein Mark Comeback with GEBET


by chi.yow, posted April 9, 2014

Although it has been at least 10 years since Schwarz Stein released new material, Kaya and Hora prove with the release of GEBET that they haven’t lost their touch for the gothic-electronica style. The single offers four tracks: one entirely new song, a re-mastered piece of older music, and accompanying instrumentals. Each piece is produced and crafted with great attention o detail that makes this re-debut single a treat for old fans and new.

As the main track of the single, “lapis lazul” is a dynamic yet peaceful blending of diverse sounds with Kaya’s ethereal voice. The rhythm is reminiscent of a rainfall that varies in intensity as it continues, with musical “rain drops” falling as electronic violin notes weave throughout the digital melodies created by Hora. The second track “Rise to Heaven -2014-” is a re-mastering that updates the classic by reducing and tweaking some of the synthetic effects—like increasing the prominence of the electronic piano and violin notes for a more mature sound. Another difference is in the clarity of Kaya’s voice as the updated version continues to complement the electronica. The finishing tracks are simply instrumentals of these two pieces that can be enjoyed in order to better appreciate Hora’s composition skills.

GEBET is a single encompassing all that can be expected of Schwarz Stein—who carry the concept of “near future digital decadence.” The only regrettable aspect of this release is that it technically only contains one new song. However, having officially restarted their musical activities, the duo’s return is solidified in GEBET as a promising glimpse of their future plans.


  1. lapis lazul
  2. Rise to Heaven -2014-
  3. lapis lazul (instrumental)
  4. Rise to Heaven -2014-

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