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by Leela McMullen, chi.yow, Aki, Amy, posted January 1, 2015


hide – Kogyaru

Let’s talk about “Kogyaru.” Though the release itself is in the form of an album, gathering all of hide’s past singles into one convenient release (and isn’t that just fabulous!), the new track which is available separately on iTunes will be treated as a single for the purposes of this review. If there is anyone out there interested in “Kogyaru” who is not familiar with hide’s hit songs by now, this album is a definite must, and that’s all there is to it.

So, “Kogyaru,” also known as “Cogyaru” and “Co Gal.” In a world where hide’s legend has persisted through the years via film and recordings, this new track is nothing short of a miracle. Yet, it’s surprising that this hasn’t been done sooner. With a demo track presented by hide all those years ago in hand and the advent of vocaloids, possibility became a reality. In this case, one of hide’s old friends and collaborators, DJ INA, put together a brand new song using the demo track, voice samples, and mixing technology that reaps all the charm and sophistication of a genuine recording.

Fun and fresh, “Kogyaru” has a playful momentum from the get-go. The scat-like background vocals are incessantly catchy and lend a dizzy sensation to the flirty lyrics. The guitar has a retro, summery feel to it that fits hide’s musical style to a tee while tambourine is a cheerful addition that really lifts the spirit of the piece. Though played by current artists, each part—and the guitar in particular—is ultimately true to hide’s style. This homage by hide’s peers and successors is truly a miraculous addition to his repertoire, once more proving that he is a musician neither gone nor forgotten.

The track can be purchased by itself in data form but for those debating whether or not to get their hands on the full album due to already having the tracks on other CDs, it’s worth noting that there is definite merit in splurging on the whole shebang. Not only are all of hide’s hit singles tied up in a nice neat bundle, but an extensive DVD features all of the music videos—including the new “Kogyaru” video—and some indispensable live footage.

 Regular Edition: 17 track CD

 Limited Edition: 17 track CD plus DVD (15 music videos including “Kogyaru” and live footage.)


Available separately on iTunes

Album Track List

  1. Kogyaru – Bonus Track
  2. Junk Story
  3. In Motion
  4. TELL ME (hide with Spread Beaver)
  6. ever free
  7. Pink Spider
  10. Hi-Ho
  11. Beauty & Stupid
  12. MISERY
  13. TELL ME
  14. DICE
  15. 50% & 50%
  17. Kogyaru (demo) – Extra track

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Chi’s interest in visual kei stems from her love of art. The unique aesthetics in combination with the wide range of musical styles within the genre have been what has kept her interest in the visual kei scene for over a decade. The main image her friends and classmates have of her is with a camera in hand, face behind the viewfinder or screen. This image is also occasionally combined with memories of running around her to avoid getting into her panorama shots.

Aki is an adventurous soul and an artistic jack of all trades who has followed her heart and dreams to Japan. Here she has found a way to combine her deeply rooted love for rock and metal with her ever growing love for artistic expression. She has long since confessed to being a helpless music addict with a strong preference for Japanese visual rock and metal, and writing for Rokkyuu has become another way for her to share what she loves with the world.

Amy happened across Dir en grey on a used computer and became enamored by the aesthetics and androgyny of visual kei. Amy studied Japanese at university, including a year studying abroad in Tokyo. Interests include anime and manga, reading, learning languages, playing guitar, and holding on to the futile dream of one day meeting Johnny Depp. Amy hopes to bring the overseas fans closer to the bands they love by translating material related to them.

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