by Chika Yoshizawa, posted August 16, 2014

THE MICRO HEAD 4N’S have an image of heavy and danceable rhythms yet in the release of their second single of 2014, PARASITIC EMOTION, they present three different types of songs displaying three different aspects of this growing band; melodious, enthusiastic, and sweet.

The title number, “PARASITIC EMOTION” mysteriously starts with an electro sound that suits the title—understandably seeming to foreshadow a dance tune. However, it is a melodious love song sung by an earnest heart. The bass creates darkness with its low sound along with the rhythmic drumming that continues up to the chorus. From there, it contrasts the previous sound with higher tones standing out in the melody of the chorus. Further increasing this contrast is Ricky’s vocal style which begins in a mysterious tone untilt he chorus where he sings with a clear, echoing voice to express the emotion of the lyrics. The melody is easy to listen to and heartfelt yet, in the bridge, the guitars are ready to parasitize and eat through listeners’ minds, to bring a heavier note to the piece.

The second song “PRISONER” is dark and heavy, at odds with the opening love song. The rhythm is just as fast but danceable in a different way. It contains much more electro sound to it and the guitar enlivens the music, gaining force towards the chorus. Bodies naturally sway to the music for the rhythmically beating chorus and the song ends with destructive power. Once again, the mood is dramatically different when it comes to the sweet message of, “Koe Naki Smile.” The guitars effectively express the imagery of the piece with fine, sweet tones even as the bass stands out paired with mild drumming. Ricky sings emotionally, placing importance on lyrics.

The A-type has the above three songs but there is another sweet tune found in the B-type, “Kono saki Zutto…Ballad version,” which replaces “Koe Naki Smile.” It is a self-cover from THE MICRO HEAD 4N’S’ first album, A BEGINNING FROM THE END. Piano supports the melody up to the chorus at which point the song turns powerful with backing vocals adding soul. Ricky’s clear vocals stand out as a result of this ballad arrangement which nicely encompasses the gentler side of romance.

These two versions of the single offer a variety of songs to enjoy. Though The MICRO HEAD 4N’S are known for their skillful incorporation of electro sound, it’s clear that their technical expertise with unaltered instruments is what gives them that special edge that makes them unique.

 A-type: 3 track CD


  3. Koe Naki Smile

 B-type: 3 track CD


  3. Kono saki Zutto…Ballad version

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