Viju Love Night #004


by Leela McMullen, posted May 21, 2011

Is it a Bandman? Or is it a DJ?

We know VK fans are rarely clubbers, however VK club nights are all the rage in Tokyo. Held on a Sunday once a month at Shibuya Club SECO, Viju Love Night is one of those great events you should add to your clubbing/rockin’ schedule. That’s why ROKKYUU took an inside look at Viju Love Night, famous for its celebrity DJs and the constant stream of band members picked from every corner of the V-rock genre.

The line-up for the night included:

  • The opening movie (with songs chosen by Oshima Akemi )
  • Makicore☆ with ama (play CRUSH! 90’s V-Rock Best Hit Cover Songs)
  • Pockoon (Shoxx Magazine Editor)
  • Kohsuke & Kiri (from heidi.)
  • Oshima Akemi (Convener, music writer, and producer)
  • ryosuke (Lolita23Q)
  • Yoshida (editor of Rock and Read)
  • Aurora Sanninmusume (emiru from Aicle. and sarino from Annie’s Black)
  • and a guest appearance by the members of LOST ASH.

The event was a huge success, covering a range of music from the time-honored oldies to the fresh, new songs. (Not to mention we got a preview of the brand new CRUSH cover album!)

Makicore☆ with ama (play CRUSH! 90′s V-Rock Best Hit Cover Songs)

The crowd was warmed up during the opening movie which was followed by a sampling of the new CRUSH! cover album. Matenrou Opera’s “Kurenai” incited a wave of excited murmurs right off the bat and the first public exposure to D’s “Gekka no yasoukyoku” took many by surprise as the DJs danced as enthusiastically as the crowd.  The lineup of No GoD’s “1/3 no junjou na kanjou”, Lolita 23q’s “Storm”, Bug Lug’s “Melty Love”, DaizyStripper’s “With-you” and heidi.’s “Pink Spider” all elicited thrilled cheers. The album was certainly well-received at its first public exposure.

Pockoon (Ex-Shoxx Editor)

During that last number, Pockoon made his entrance and excited chatter gave way to a chant for the celebrity to take control of the sound board. Master of the hits, Pockoon played a set that gave the fans no time to sneak off to the bar, shocking all with LM.C’s “Metally,” and the followup of MUCC’s “Ranchuu.” After VIVID’s “Yume, Mugen no Kanata,” he got the crowd laughing, leaving his helping hand, Aicle’s emiru, all alone during his own set in order to collect something from behind the scenes. His return heralded roses for the DJ and his sidekick to dance with, encouraging laughter throughout the set. “Ready for Pockoon’s guitar solo?” he teased during Penicillin’s “Romance.” “Rock the LM.C” only further fanned the flames as the crowd jumped and shouted. The grand finale of “LINDA Candydive Pinky Heaven” by the GazettE rounded things up nicely, followed by “DJ Pockoon’s Theme.”

Kohsuke & Kiri (heidi.)

Next to take the DJ booth were Kiri and Kohsuke from heidi. with a set of their personal favorites and inspirational songs. Naturally, their first selection was the original hide with Spead Beaver version of “Pink Spider.” Excitement spiked as the duo played “Daikirai” by MUCC (Kohsuke singing along to the crowd’s laughter,) a fan favorite run of “Chaos” by PENICILLIN, “Melancholic” by Plastic Tree, and “Kamikiri-1997 Burst Version” by KUROYUME, which led into heidi.’s very own “Utakata.” At this point, both DJs and crowd were positively on fire. Screeches of excitement greeted Pierrot’s “Torikago,” while Sadie’s “Grieving the dead soul” had fans singing along instantly and rising into a shout. Sophia’s “Kissing blue memories” was next, followed by Kohsuke’s shout of “I love this song!” leading into “Dreams” by SIAM SHADE. girugamesh’s “Evolution” had the would-be clubbers moshing about like mad, then rocking out to heidi.’s latest single, “Gekkou Showtime.” As the final number of the heidi. duo’s set and still a week from it’s Feb 2 release, “Gekkou Showtime” put the fun in funky, a fitting moment for Kohsuke and Kiri to hand over the reins.

Oshima Akemi (Music writer, producer & events co-ordinator)

Soon after that feverish finnish, Oshima Akemi stepped up, coolly poised and ready to give the crowd a variety of old favorites and brand new music. The fans, however, showed none of her reservation, thoroughly enjoying the opener of “Illuminati” by MALICE MIZER. Next up, “Mission Code” by girugamesh and “tsumi to batsu to wana” by jealkb from new albums gave fans something to chew on before letting loose to VIDOLL and Nightmare. The unreleased “Rumwolf” by Alice Nine was a particularly rare treat, as was the groovy oldie, “Lunatic Gate” by Janne Da Arc. The catchy melody and driving beat kept both lips and limbs moving until, joined by Pockoon, Oshima continued on with other oldies by DEAD END, KUROYUME and Kra, mixing it up with Matenrou Opera’s recent swing-rock masterpiece, “Frill” and another unreleased treat by Alice Nine, “Shinkiro.”


Despite the fancy visor and glow-rings, Lolita23Q’s ryosuke kept it short and sweet, kicking off with his own band’s “Ginga no tsubasa-Galactic Wing.” A rare, (and bizarre,) “Zerotica” by XA-VAT lead into the popular “Doubt’96 (MIXED LEMONed JELLY MIX)” by hide with Spread Beaver and LUNA SEA’s original “Storm” (both of which had the crowd partying it up.) The telltale sound of the heavier drums and sharper vocals of the original bothered Lolta23Q fans not at all. In fact, the follow-up of Lolita’s “Kyokou shinzou Droid” and “Kyuutai kikagaku yuugi” were received with utter delight. ryosuke then began to wind up with “kumo no ito” by the ever popular cali≠gari, yelling “Oshima Akemi started it!” in response to the fire-truck siren rolling on in the music. Amid the heavy head-banging and forward-diving, he called Kiri up to the stage to join him for Plastic Tree’s “Psycho Garden” and the club went wild to its sick riffs and carelessly flung melody.

Yoshida (ROCK AND READ Editor)

The editors sure know the hits. Yoshida of Rock and Read played a steady stream of great VK club songs such as hide with Spread Beaver’s “ROCKET DIVE” and lynch.’s “an illusion” as well as pure classics like L’Arc~en~Ciel’s “Drivers High.” BUCK-TICK, GLAY, KUROYUME—the hits kept coming and the fans kept dancing. The wildly heavy Child Prey by “DIR EN GREY” took the crowd by surprise after such mellow music, a sentiment which continued into BALZAC’s “Day The Earth Caught Fire.” Described as ‘horror-punk,’ BALZAC were definitely the odd ones out yet the crowd didn’t miss a beat. LUNA SEA’s “Wish” mellowed things out again until “Honrou” by Daisuke and Black Hermits ended the set on a wonderfully bittersweet note, gorgeous tune and fun spirit warming the crowd up for the next DJ duo. YOSHIDA was aided throughout the set by a flock of DJs and even the producer of Stylish Wave, with drink in hand and a grin for the crowd.

Aurora Sanninmusume (emiru from Aicle. + sarino from Annie’s Black)

LUNA SEA’s “Loveless” provided a smooth start, followed up nicely by DIR EN GREY’s uncharacteristically tame “I’ll”. “I’ve been studying these clubs nights, so I wrote a song for this,” emiru explained before playing Aicle.’s unreleased “High Five Dancer.” Following this upbeat number, the members of LOST ASH made a guest appearance just in time for their very own CRUSH cover song, “Endless Love.” The high-jinks were out of control: DJ’s appearing and disappearing from the stage, LOST ASH guitarist Dye working the air guitar, and emiru dancing and posing before the crowd’s eyes. The final numbers, “1999” and “TONIGHT,” both by LUNA SEA, provided no less entertainment, the crowd living it up to the very finale.

Slowly filing out with broad smiles, the crowd were well pleased, having spent the night either staking out the dance floor or trying to catch a word with the artists themselves (who were happy to mingle around the bar…)

A roaring success as usual, Viju Love Night #004 was only a taste of the wide variety of artists and music to be heard from Club Seco on selected Sundays, and only one example of many such gatherings among the VK community. Be that as it may, Viju Love Night is perhaps the most diverse and laid back club event in the scene and absolutely worth reserving your Sunday night in Tokyo for!

Set Lists

Opening(Movie & song choice by Akemi Oshima)

  1. Frozen Bug’93(GMS REMIX)/hide
  2. Creeper/Schwarz Stein
  3. Haruka kanata/BUG
  4. Metamorphose/Brother
  5. GEMINI-Ⅰ-the void/Alice Nine
  6. Parade/AYABIE
  7. Darkside Of The Sun/TOKIO HOTEL

makicore☆ with ama(play『CRUSH! -90′s V-Rock best hit cover songs-』)

  1. Kurenai/Matenrou Opera(Original: X JAPAN)
  2. Gekka no yasou kyoku/D(Original: MALICE MIZER)
  3. Schwein no isu/MERRY(Original: Dir en grey)
  4. 1/3 no junjou na kanjou/NoGoD(Original: SIAM SHADE)
  5. Storm/Lolita23Q(Original: LUNA SEA)
  6. Endless Love/LOST ASH(Original: D-SHADE)
  7. S.O.S. Romantic/Mix Speaker’s,Inc.(Original: CASCADE)
  8. Melty Love/BugLug(Original: SHAZNA)
  9. With-you/DaizyStripper(Original: La’cryma Christi)
  10. Yume yori suteki na/DOG inTheパラレルワールドオーケストラ(Original: Raphael)
  11. Pink Spider/heidi.(Original: hide with Spread Beaver)

Pockoon(SHOXX Editor)

  1. DJ Pockoon’s Theme
  2. Metally/LM.C
  3. Ranchuu/MUCC
  4. Yume~Mugen no kanata~/ViViD
  5. smile./THE KIDDIE
  6. Dasei Boogie/Nightmare
  8. one way/SID
  9. Stargazer:/Alice Nine
  10. Romance/PENICILLIN
  11. ☆Rock the LM.C☆/LM.C
  12. LINDA~candydive pinky heaven~/the GazettE
  13. DJ Pockoon’s Theme


  1. Pink Spider/hide with Spread Beaver
  2. Dai kirai/MUCC
  4. Melancholic/Plastic Tree
  5. “Kamakiri”-1997 BURST VERSION-/KUROYUME
  6. Utakata/heidi.
  7. Torikago/PIERROT
  8. Grieving the dead soul/Sadie
  9. Kissing blue memories/SOPHIA
  10. Dreams/SIAM SHADE
  11. evolution/girugamesh
  12. Gekkou Showtime/heidi. (from New Single「Gekkou Showtime」2011.2.2.Release!)

In Memory of Mick・Karn

  1. Of & About /Mick Karn
  3. The Unconventional/JAPAN

Oshima Akemi (Convener, music writer and DVD producer)

  3. MISSION CODE/girugamesh(from New Album「GO」2011.1.26Release!)
  4. Tsumi to batsu to wana/jealkb(from New Album「Invade」2011.2.9Release!)
  5. Tree/VIDOLL
  6. D senjou no Tragedy/Nightmare
  7. RUMWOLF/Alice Nine(from New Album「GEMINI」2011.2.9Release!)
  8. Lunatic Gate/Janne Da Arc
  9. Embryo Burning/DEAD END
  10. Pistol/KUROYUME
  11. frill/Matenrou Opera
  12. bird/Kra
  13. Shinkiro/Alice Nine(from New Album「GEMINI」2011.2.9Release!)

ANDROID_RYO:SUKE_23(ryosuke/ Lolita23Q)

  1. Ginga no tsubasa-Galactic Wing-/Lolita23Q
  2. Zerotica/XA-VAT
  3. Doubt’97 (MIXED LEMONed JELLY MIX)/hide with Spread Beaver
  4. Storm/LUNA SEA
  5. Kyokou shinzou Droid/Lolita23Q
  6. Kyuutai kikagaku yuugi/Lolita23Q
  7. Kumo no ito/cali≠gari
  8. Psycho Garden/Plastic Tree

Yoshida(「ROCK AND READ」Editor)

  1. Rocket Dive/hide with Spread Beaver
  2. an illusion/lynch.
  3. Rainbows/Alice Nine
  4. Driver’s High/L’Arc~en~Ciel
  5. Aku no hana/BUCK-TICK
  6. Kuchibiru/GLAY
  7. Like A Angel/KUROYUME
  8. Child Prey/DIR EN GREY
  9. Day The Earth Caught Fire/BALZAC
  10. 88/LM.C
  11. Wish/LUNA SEA
  12. Honrou/Daisuke and Black Hermits

☆Aurora Saninmusume (emiru fromAicle.+sarino Super DJ Unit)

  1. Loveless/LUNA SEA
  2. -I’ll-/Dir en grey
  3. kiss me/氷室京介
  4. High Five Dancer/Aicle.(March 9 Sale「aruku」Compilation)
  5. Endless Love/LOST ASH (Guest Appearance) from『CRUSH! -90′s V-Rock best hit cover songs-』)
  6. 1999/LUNA SEA
  7. Tonight/LUNA SEA

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