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  • DEATHGAZE Bliss Out Mind Tour at Shinjuku Loft

    DEATHGAZE Bliss Out Mind Tour at Shinjuku Loft

    Despite squishing in between the pillars, DEATHGAZE fans still managed to fill out Shinjuku Loft with an impressive one-third male audience. The background music gradually drifted from pop to western rock...

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    Eastern Japan Great Earthquake Charity Live: Pray for...

    Who knew such hardcore VK bands could be so warm and fuzzy on the inside? Okay, so maybe we had a clue or two... but now we have solid proof!

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    SHOW YOUR HEART – Japan Needs You!

    With many staff based in Tokyo, Japan, ROKKYUU Magazine has re-launched in an untimely fashion. Instead of waiting for a calmer climate, we now endeavor to bring peace of mind and...

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    Sixh. x Mens Spider Fashion Live2

    Striking chords with striking visuals, Sixh. put on the visual kei cross-media event of 2010 at Harajuku Laforet Museum! Check it out from all angles!

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    defspiral’s Dive into the Mirror

    Theme song for "Kamen Rider Dragon Knight," defspiral’s first single DIVE INTO THE MIRROR is an action-packed rocker you can easily dance to. Driving a great beat throughout, constant drums, and...

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    Indie Introductory Series: Thomas

    ROKKYUU Magazine presents: Thomas. Making their way up the indie ladder, this is one band you don't want to miss out on! From a live report of their first crack at producing an event...

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    DIR EN GREY: Uroboros

    The opening track, "Sa Bir," transports you to a surreal place with its heavy bass tones and distant looping harmonics. It's the perfect introduction for this album and it’s a great opener for a live...

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    With the release of their third full album Panorama, heidi. have shown us a brighter side to their music. Forecast by the optimistic singles, “Orange Drama” and “Tsubasa,” the album...

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    V-Rock Fest 2009: Things You Just Had to See

    From Merry's self-flagellation with a microphone, to hundreds of glimmering sensu waving like a school of fish during Kagrra's performance, to a backstage sound check that sent fangirls stampeding,...

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    V-Rock Fest 2009: Versailles Philharmonic Quintet

    In their first appearance since signing to major record label Warner Music Group, Versailles took to the stage at the world's first VK rock festival. Their performance was expectedly emotional for both band...